IHDA Community Outreach Program

As promised, IHDA is very excited to announce the Community Outreach Program. The Regional Representative or Board Member of your region is entitled to request this Outreach Program for their area. So please contact your Representative in your region to request this program.

Please read below:

Part 1: IHDA Sponsored Workshop Weekends

Summary: The purpose of the IHDA Sponsored Workshop Weekends is to develop and educate the members of an IHDA regional area. The development and education is for the amateur members as well as the professional and regional representatives of the area. IHDA will reinvest the monies received for membership fees back into the supported areas of the country. The foremost challenge expressed by regional representatives is the ability to invite quality instruction into their areas due to the required expenses. This program is designed to address the stated issue in addition to improving the quality of hustle being danced; increase awareness of hustle; increase membership; and give back to our community.

IHDA Requirements:

  1. IHDA will provide travel accommodations OR hotel expenses for the provided instructor via automobile, train or airplane or either for accommondations (not both).
  2. The amount budgeted for travel is for one IHDA instructor. If an instructor teaches with a partner and that partner would like to accompany the provided instructor, they may do so at their own expense.
  3. IHDA Workshop Weekends will occur on a monthly or every-other-month basis.
  4. The Treasurer will be responsible for securing the travel accommodations or hotel expense for the provided instructor.
  5. The Regional Rep Coordinator will be responsible for working with the Regional Reps in the scheduling of the Workshop Weekends. In addition, they will also work together to negotiate the fees charged for the workshops, private lessons and dance party of the weekend.
  6. The IHDA Workshop Weekends will be listed on the IHDA website for the purposes of advertising and promotion. In addition, the workshops will also be promoted in the weekly IHDA e-newsletter.
  7. IHDA will work with the Regional Representative in the area to teach them how to create and galvanize a community. This will include sustainability, promotion, education and more.
  8. This program may not be used by event directors in conjunction with their events in an effort to defray their costs of hiring staff.

Regional Requirements:

  1. Regions must have an active hustle community with an IHDA membership of “xx” people and a registered IHDA Regional Representative.
  2. Regional Representative will be responsible for securing accommodations for the provided instructor. Accommodations may include a host or hotel paid for at the expense of the Regional Representative or the regional community.
  3. Regional Representatives may request a specific IHDA certified instructor, however, they must remember it is only a request. IHDA certified instructor availability is subject to availability and rotation.
  4. The weekend is to include at least 5 workshops and 1 dance party. The workshops are to be appropriate to the level of the community and one of the workshops must be designated for professional/teacher training.
  5. The Regional Representative will develop and distribute promotional material to promote the weekend to ensure a successful event.
  6. Attendees do not have to be members of IHDA to participate in the Workshop Weekend.
  7. The Regional Representative will promote and encourage the attendees to become members of IHDA.
  8. The Regional Community is responsible for the promotion of the weekend, the venue for the weekend, the DJ for the dance party and any refreshments being served.
  9. IHDA and non-IHDA members are welcome to partake in the Weekend Workshop however, there should be a price difference for members and non-members. The specific fee schedule will be arranged between the Regional Reps and the Regional Rep Coordinator.

Instructor Requirements:

  1. IHDA Workshop Weekend instructors must be certified by IHDA. An associate certification must be held by all instructors in this program.
  2. IHDA Workshop Weekend instructors will be selected on a rotational basis as not to favor one instructor over another.
  3. IHDA instructors must conduct themselves in a professional manner and be respectful to all participants of the weekend.
  4. The instructor will prepare quality material to be taught in all scheduled workshops. In addition, the instructor will attend the scheduled dance party and dance with the participants.
  5. The instructor will work with the Regional Representative for the scheduling of private lessons.

Amateur Requirements:

THERE ARE NONE. We look forward to your participation in these Weekends. IHDA and non-IHDA members are welcome to partake in the Weekend Workshop. Members will receive a discount which will be arranged between the Regional Reps and the Regional Rep Coordinator.

We look forward to a successful program with you.



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