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To all IHDA members:

It is with great enthusiasm and honor that I send you this message. As you all know, it is time to elect a new president of IHDA. Platforms were to be submitted by March 10, 2012. It has come to be that no candidates have come forth with a platform to fill this office. As current president, I intentionally decided not to submit a platform as I wanted other prospective candidates to submit a platform and give an opportunity to other members of the community to lead this organization. However, in speaking with numerous members of the organization, the overwhelming response has been this, "we do not want to run because we want to see IHDA continue moving and growing in the direction it has under your leadership." It is with that statement alone that I have decided to stay on as president of IHDA. I am renewing my commitment to further lead this organization, with the help of the IHDA board, in the manner set forth in my 2010 presidential platform. While we have accomplished a great deal in the past two years, there remains much yet to do. I will remain as President for the next two years, during which time I will continue my efforts to build IHDA and the hustle community throughout the country and around the world.


Thank you for continued support and appreciation.


I look forward to serving as your IHDA President for the next two years.


Daniel McGee
IHDA President

December 2011

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Happy Holidays!

With 2011 soon behind us, it is the time to look back at the past few months and also look forward to what is in store for IHDA in the new year.  2011 was once again a busy year for IHDA.  We successfully implemented the guidelines for Amateur Just Dance Divisions, added two events to the list of sanctioned events , increased the number of IHDA certified instructors and we continue to grow on the international front.   So what is in store for 2012? 

The first major change for IHDA in 2012 is our new interactive website.  We are very excited for the launch of this new site in early 2012.  Many of the members have spoken to us regarding the functionality of the current website.  We have done extensive research into a new site and we are putting together a wonderful, user friendly site that handles all of the ideas expressed by the membership.  The development of this site will be an ongoing process and changes will continue to be made even after it is unveiled to the membership. 

In addition to the website, IHDA will continue to foster the programs that we have developed in the past two years. This includes:  Pro/Am Guidelines, Am/Am Guidelines, IHDA Competition Music and the Outreach Program.  All of these programs have been developed with our membership in mind.  The response from the membership regarding these programs has been very encouraging.  IHDA will continue this current year with the commitment to the social dancer.  In 2011, we focused our attention on the non-competitive dance community.  We did this through the development of the Outreach Program and will continue that effort through 2012.

IHDA would also like to congratulate Kim Bass and the Sunshine State Dance Competition for putting on an amazing event over Thanksgiving weekend.  We have received great feedback from our members regarding this event.   In addition, we would like to extend our best wishes to Douglas Rouser and Spotlight Dance Celebration for a successful event.  This event is a wonderful addition to our event calendar.  What a better way to close one  year and kick off a new one than at this New Years event?  We are proud to welcome Kim Bass and Douglas Rouser to the IHDA family!

Lastly, we would like to wish all of our members a safe, healthy and happy holiday season.  With all of the “hustle” and bussle of the holiday season, let us remember the importance of the holidays and keep that at the forefront of our minds and hearts.  We look forward to another exciting year in 2012! 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Daniel McGee
IHDA President 


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July 2011

Dear IHDA Members,

Summer is now in full swing and IHDA hopes everyone is enjoying the lovely weather and some well deserved fun in the sun!  With summer also comes the first quarter report of the new year. 

I have decided, with the approval of the board, to focus the attention of IHDA in a different direction for this current year.  During the first year of my presidency, IHDA had many accomplishments.  We have great deal of new ideas, programs and processes.  My goal in this year is to work on fostering growth in the various communities around the country and to further develop the programs that we put forth in the last twelve months.  With that said, as you receive quarterly newsletters for the remainder of the year, you will not see new programs announced, but instead you will read progress reports and programs already created.

The first of these programs is the Community Outreach program.  IHDA proudly rolled this program out in March.  There has been great response to the program from the regional reps and members alike.  IHDA is currently in discussions with regional reps in three communities.  Within the coming months the membership will receive the announcement of dates for three IHDA workshop weekends.  The first of which will be held on August 12-14, 2011 in New York City, the birthplace of Hustle.  The IHDA workshop weekend in New York has been put together by New York regional rep, Jami Josephson.  We are very excited about this weekend and we hope many of you join us.  For information on this exciting weekend, please check the Community Outreach page on the IHDA website or visit the event page on facebook.  Any regioanl rep that is interested in hosting an IHDA weekend workshop please contact myself or Erik Novoa.

There will be one major change coming to IHDA in the coming months.  We are currently working on a brand new IHDA website.  There are some challenges with the current site.  Therefore, we are working diligently on creating a new, energetic, user friendly site.  The development of this new site will be a very organic process.  We will make adjustments and enhancements along the way.  Look for the new site to launch in fall.

Lastly, IHDA would like to take a moment and congratulate past and upcoming non-sanctioned Hustle events with their accomplishments.  Our beliefs are that we wish continued success to all hustle events and instructors regardless of their affiliation or sanctioning.  It is through the continued success of these events and instructors that this dance we all love will continue to grow and prosper.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Daniel McGee
IHDA President


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May 2011

Dear IHDA Members:

Happy New Year to all IHDA members!  No your calendar is not confused, April 1 marks the beginning of the IHDA new year.  As we look forward to a new year of exciting moments for IHDA, it is also important to look back not only on the fourth quarter but the entire year. 

The last twleve months have been extremely productive for IHDA.  Some developments of the last year include:  video demonstrations on the website, IHDA Imix, Pro/Am Guidelines and Am/Am Guidelines along with Violation Procedures,  the expansion of our Regional Representation and  the addition of newly sanctioned events. 

Now let us look at the last three months specifically.  Many items that were put into place in the beginning of the year came to fruition in the fourth quarter.  Before we discuss these accomplishments, I would like to thank the board and committees of IHDA for all of their work and dedication to this organization.  This last year was great, but we are not done yet.  There is still more work to be done!  I look forward to the upcoming year and all that we have yet to do.

As mentioned above, the Am/Am Guidelines were released in the fall of 2010.  At the start of the new competition season, beginning with Mad Jam and then continuing to IHSC, we saw these guidelines take effect.  There have been resounding remarks from the amateurs stating how much clearer the competition process is now that the guidelines have been set in place.  All dancers now know what level to enter in a competition and also what is required of them. 

Next we released the IHDA recommended competitive music cds.  These cds were created with music of various styles and tempos suggested for each competitive levels.  The cds were distributed to all organizers of the IHDA sanctioned events and were used during the competition sessions at the events.  The overall comments from the dancers about the music was remarkable.  These cds will be updated every competitive season with the current music of the year being added to the selections.

Those of you who attended Mad Jam or IHSC, got a glimpse of the new IHDA banner hanging in the ballroom.  The banner was designed with all of the events that are sanctioned in the calendar year posted on it.  The banner will travel to each event and hang in the ballroom so that all dancers can see where the next sanctioned event will be held.  This way dancers will know what event to attend next.  Each event they attend help the dancers accumulate competition points for a chance to win the cash prize at the end of the year!

Our most recent announcement will be the focus of IHDA over the next year.  Since we have spent a great deal of time structuring the competition aspects of the organization, it is now time to direct our attention to the social dancer.  In that respect, IHDA released the Community Outreach Program in March.  Through the Community Outreach Program, IHDA will reinvest the money from the members’ registration fees back into the regional communities.  In an effort to further educate and build the community, IHDA will send certified instructors into a community at the request of the regional representatives. We are very excited about this new program.  We are already working with various regional reps to secure dates for regional workshop weekends.  For a complete description of this new program, please visit the IHDA website.

IHDA continues to boom on the International scene.   The number of hustle dancers growing in counties like Italy and Canada is staggering.  Young dancers are taking hold of our dance and they cannot get enough of it.  Very shortly, IHDA members can expect big announcements from the International scene!

Lastly, IHDA would like to recognize the recent exposure hustle is receiving due to the organization of the hustle flash mobs.  While these flash mobs are not IHDA sponsored, we are very proud of the people organizing them and promoting this wonderful dance.  IHDA would like to congratulate Joyce Szili, Jami Josephson and Erica Smith for all of their hard work and dedication in teaching the flash mob choreography and then organizing great venues in which to showcase their work. 

So it is in looking back that we acknowledge our accomplishments, but also see how much there is still to do.  IHDA currently has many irons in the fire.  We will continue to keep the membership informed of our progress through email newsletters and these quarterly reports.  We thank our membership for their continued support of our organization and this dance.  I, along with the IHDA board look forward to another prosperous year.

Daniel McGee
IHDA President

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January 2011

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all IHDA Members!

With the close of 2010 also comes the close of IHDA’s third quarter.  As always, there are a number of items to report on.  I first would like to thank the IHDA board for their diligent work in moving this organization forward.  It is through their tireless effort that IHDA will continue to grow and maintain its position as the premier hustle organization in the world.

In the second quarter letter, I reported that we were in the process of developing the community outreach program.  We have compiled all of the requests from the community and members should look for a big announcement in the coming months. 

In my presidential platform, I presented various plans for implementing the community outreach program and expanding our dance.  One of those plans was for IHDA to develop membership and representation in untapped areas o f the country.  IHDA is happy to announce that we now have leadership in the Lake Tahoe/Reno area.  Liz Wilder is the regional representative for that region as well as the state of Nevada.  We congratulate Liz in her new position and we look forward to meet new dancers from this community.

The 2010 competition season is now behind us.   All competitors who participated in IHDA sanctioned events in 2010 can now check their point standings on the IHDA website.  The point tallies for each event have been posted and the 2010 point winners will be announced shortly.  Once announced, the point winners of the 2010 season should be sure to attend the IHDA point ceremony to receive their prize.  IHDA is happy to announce that the next point ceremony will be held at the Puerto Rico Latin Hustle Dance Competition in October. 

Competitors will have the opportunity to acquire more points this year as we welcome new events for the 2011 season.  At this time, we can confirm that Swing Fling has joined the IHDA competition roster!  We are very happy to have Swing Fling as an IHDA sanctioned event!  Look for the Swing Fling logo on the IHDA website.  There you can click on the link and find out all of the information on this great event.  In addition to Swing Fling, IHDA members can look forward to additional events added to the roster in the coming months. 

Lastly, the IHDA AM/AM guidelines and violations procedures have been completed, emailed in the weekly newsletters and posted to the website.   Competitors should make themselves aware of these criteria as they will both be implemented in the 2011 season.  Please log-on to the IHDA website for a complete listing of all guidelines and procedures. 

IHDA continues to grow and develop each quarter and 2011 promises to be even bigger and better!  We thank you for your continued support of this great organization. 

Daniel McGee
IHDA President


October  2010


Summer is over and fall is upon us.  We have just finished the second quarter of the current administration and it is time once again for the Presidential report.  As promised, I plan to keep the members informed and up-to-date on everything that IHDA is working on. 

Since the last report in July, IHDA has been working hard to further achieve our desired goals.  IHDA has focused on two areas during this past quarter.  The first is the structuring of the amateur just dance guidelines and the second is the adjudication procedures.

Let us first look at what we have been doing with the amateur guidelines.  The IHDA membership has sent us countless comments and remarks stating how much they like the Pro/Am guidelines that we have developed over the past two years.   With that said, it is now time to implement the same guidelines to the amateur just dance divisions.  The amateur guidelines will begin in the 2011 competition season.  We are in the process of finalizing the criteria and making them congruent with the Pro/Am guidelines.   Following the guidelines will be simple in that the rules and criteria will be the same in the Pro/Am and Amateur divisions.  Competitors will not have to remember a separate set of rules for the amateur divisions. 

The main difference between the two divisions is the number of levels offered.  Currently, the Pro/Am division offers five levels of competition (Pre-Novice, Novice, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced.)  The amateur just dance division will only offer three levels of competition.  However the criteria rules will still stay in effect.  The amateur just dance divisions will remain Novice, Intermediate and Advanced.  The criteria will be that the Novice level will combine the criteria from Pre-Novice and Novice of Pro/Am.  The Intermediate level will combine the criteria from the Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate level of Pro/Am.  And the Advanced level will include the criteria from the Advanced level of Pro/Am.  In the coming weeks, we will be publishing this information through email and the website detailing the specifics of the new amateur guidelines as well as revisions to the Pro/Am guidelines.   Once these guidelines are published, please feel free to contact IHDA with any questions you may have.    We are confident that the amateur just dance divisions will enjoy the same success that the Pro/Am divisions have experienced since the implementation of the guidelines.

The second area that IHDA has been working hard on is adjudication.  This topic is broken down into two segments.  The first is with the implementation of the guidelines, we needed to set forth the procedures by which a penalty will take place for dancing out of category.  We are just about finished with these policies and procedures.  Please look for them to be released in the coming weeks.  The other is the standardization of the judging process for all IHDA sanctioned events.    I have been working very closely with the Adjudication Chairperson, Katie Marlow, in ironing out these details.  There is a great deal of discussion that needs to occur on a topic like this to ensure the most complete, fair and thought out results.  Katie and I will be finishing our preliminary discussions shortly and we will be presenting a first draft to the board for approval.  Once approved competitors can find comfort in the fact that every IHDA dance event will follow the same judging and scoring procedures.

IHDA is also in the process of solidifying our event roster for the 2011 season.   We are in discussion with event organizers around the country to continue to bring an exciting roster of dance events for the coming year.

Lastly, IHDA has begun preliminary work on the Community Outreach Program as well as the re-structuring of the IHDA website.  Both of these areas require diligent research.  Members can look forward to more developments in these areas in the third quarter.

Again, we thank you for your continued support of IHDA.  As always, if there are any thoughts, comments or concerns that you may have for IHDA, please feel free to contact us.  We would love to hear from you.

Daniel McGee
IHDA President


July 2010

To the IHDA membership:

The first quarter of the new term is behind us.  As stated in the presidential platform, I will be giving quarterly reports on the status of IHDA and where we are going.  Within the past three months, we have seen many exciting enhancements to the organization. 

The new IHDA membership cards have been distributed.  The membership proudly presented their new cards at Meet and Greets both at Disco American and Miami Dance Magic.  Not only did the Meet and Greets at IHSC and Disco America have the largest membership participation of any of the Meet and Greets to date, but the number of members joining or renewing was at an all time high.  On the IHDA website, you can now view video demonstrations of each of the pro-am guideline levels. 

At IHSC, your IHDA pros got together on Friday night and filmed each level, and they were on the website by the next morning.  The membership has commented on how helpful these video demonstrations have been. 

Another great feature to the site was the addition of the IHDA Imix page.  On this page, you can sample new hustle music from dancers all over the country.  Any member can post a playlist for all to enjoy.  If a member likes a song, they can simply purchase it right from the Itunes store. 

Lastly, the IHDA membership surveys have been pouring in.  We are getting some great responses from our membership.  If you have not yet submitted your survey please do so.  If you misplaced the copy that was mailed to you, simply download another one from the IHDA website Documents download page.  We are in the process of compiling all of the data from the surveys and will be putting that information into place in the coming months. 

We thank you for you commitment to IHDA and to hustle.  Together we will continue to build this dance around the country and the world!

Daniel McGee
IHDA President



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